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Darren Hadman, 40, of Wetherby Close in Bourne, posed on an online chat site called Palringo as a 16-year-old boy from Lincolnshire called Tom in March 2013.

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Not forgetting their five horses and the herd of llamas.

“When Bob and I were dating, I had one llama, and whenever we’d walk around [the llama would] come and walk between us,” she says, her voice retaining its unmistakable husky tones.

Then I took down his baggy jeans and showed him the time of his life." Born and brought up in the small Scottish village of West Calder, West Lothian, Lee's kiss-and-tell career began at the age of 18 when she sold a story about a night of passion with Robbie Williams, for which she was paid £10,000.

She explains: "I was down in London at a show called the Pepsi Chart show and I got invited backstage to meet him.

Kimberly starts the series as a typical valley girl, but with a heightened awareness for her friends.

Throughout the series, she is the member of the team most likely to fire off a sarcastic or witty retort.

She was a capable gymnast and would later show that she also has some musical and artistic talent.

Though as MMPR progresses, she becomes a more friendly and kind hearted person.

Skull, one of the local bullies, had a crush on her until she became involved with Tommy Oliver.

Less than a decade after starring in one of history’s most beloved films, Novak had had enough and said goodbye to Hollywood.

Novak, 79, lives on the ranch with her husband of 36 years, Dr Robert Malloy, a retired veterinarian.