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While reading this article, ensure you have the "Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Documentation Library" (MDTDL) help file opened; complete information on many of the section keys are easily found when searched for, and I make a lot of references to this throughout the article.
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Error updating a list item unknown error

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Given the details below, what would be the next steps in finding a cause for this issue? The workflow was created in Designer 2013 and is using a 2010 template.

It's a fairly simple workflow that creates a new list item, creates a matching document set in two separate libraries, then updates the list item with links to the document sets.

Having this option checked without the Content Approval feature in use will result in this error message.

I have recently, and for reasons unknown, started to get errors with a particular list on Sharepoint 2013. To find out what field was causing the problem, I created a view and included all the fields available to me.

I'm trying to update an item with a specific ID in my sharepoint list. It actually runs through all the functions, it just won't update the list item.

Everything works until it gets to the set_item or target List Item.update() part. I'm using the alerts to gauge where it is not working. I'll define the clientcontext and see if that fixes it!

Every great once in a while, the workflow will fail on creating the document set.

This sounds like Voodoo but it has worked every time in our environment. "The workflow could not update the item..." intermittent error involving Lookup Column in Designer WF Make sure you don't have the "Enable Content Approval" option checked at the bottom of the workflow settings when your library/list doesn't even have Content Approval turned on.

The Check Box List displays filtered information from a table, the filter is based on the value selected in a dropdownlist.

Check Box List addition I have also a checkbox inside the update panel, its function is to check or uncheck all the Check Box List items with one click. I have tried placing configurations such as this: Quite a while ago we had a similar issue trying to render several hundred of ASP. The result was a Javascript error and in IE8 an "out of memory" error.

I am unable to edit existing list items, and attempting to do so throws me to the "Sorry, something went wrong"-screen. The view did not render (as expected), so from there I only had to deselect fields until I found the culprit.

ULS logs gives me some error messages, but I do not know where to go from there: Application error when access /contacts/1/Lists/Contacts/Edit Form.aspx, Error=Kan ikke fullføre handlingen. After finding the broken field I deleted it, and created it once more.