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Dating woman gives you fake email

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By now, you may have even found one of the dozens of sites that allow people to simply enter an email address and discover whether it was part of the leak. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise, given the site’s notoriously bad security, which doesn’t require email verification to create an account.

In fact, some significant percentage –the hackers say 90-95 percent — of female profiles on the site are fake, meant to lure paying male clients into believing that the place is teeming with women ready to be whisked away to hotel rooms. More to the point, I’ve felt wracked with guilt about it ever since.

The prank began with the first man seemingly surprising his girlfriend at her work, which appears to be at a large sports bar and restaurant.

In the video, as he approaches her behind a desk in a white T-shirt, she looks pleased to see him and comes out front.

Since then, I’ve been neurotically monogamous, going so far as to once text someone I went on a single date with to inform them that it was over because I had just met someone I was hoping might possibly ask me out.

(To which the response was, if I recall, the text message equivalent of a polite, confused shrug).