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Are you dating a pathological liar

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You even begin to wonder if he might be a compulsive liar.

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Sometimes we’re not even aware that we’re lying until someone points it out. They have destroyed their own reputations and in doing so, their name in the community.

Pathological lying is in fact one of the common traits of those suffering from Antisocial (also referred to as sociopathy or psychopathy) or Narcissistic personality disorders.

I’ve been in relationships with two pathological liars, so I know first hand how difficult it is to admit that your lover is a liar.

The first time we notice it, we may openly question what we’ve seen or heard. Maybe I did hear them wrong…” and continue along in the relationship.

Of course, they’re quick to deny any inconsistency and while their response may or may not make sense, we usually give them a break “this one time” because we love them. And then one day the bomb that has been ticking all along suddenly goes off with a loud, destructive and emotionally cataclysmic BOOM.