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Sara: I think new things either really excite people or they really stress them out.

Once you know and like something, it’s hard to force yourself to change and accept whatever come with that change.

A pop song can become a claustrophobic ballad, or an anguished confession might be transformed into a euphoric mantra.

In some ways hearing someone else interpret something so familiar is a way to finally be freed from the personal history of the song and to hear it for the first time.

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When I hear another band or artist cover one of our songs it can be indescribable and pleasantly disorienting – creating hope where there was originally hopelessness or joy where there was only ever regret.

Tegan, older by eight minutes, assured that the answer is no, and that the song and its title was inspired by her sister's epiphany during a noncommittal dating situation with a woman.

"We always joke that with lesbians, you go on one date and are monogamous and moving in together," she said.

But the twist is that I, personally, don't want to be married," she continued.

"As I've gotten older, because I'm queer and because it's suddenly really apparent how deeply unfair it was that gay people couldn't get married, I've had to reassess my feelings about marriage," she said, adding her family didn't put much emphasis on the status.